About TUA

We at The Underground Arts are here to help any type of 'struggling' artist out and Show the World what they are capable of.

A quick breakdown of our name and motto shows exactly who we are and what our mission is. We are The Underground Arts; the artists who have little known popularity, but are either damn good at what we do, or are determined to be. We are a collective group of artists of all kinds who are determined to share our message and art with the world.

We believe that everyone has a message, thought, idea, feeling, or emotion that they would like to share with other people more than anything else. Art is the perfect way to portray and send that message to other people in the most effective manner. There are so many forms of art that you can choose from to share this message with people and chances are, You have a knack for one of them. Whether that be playing music, painting or drawing, taking photographs, dancing, writing, or making videos; there is so much that one can do and get good at. The better you are at your form of art, the easier it is for you to share your message.

If you think about it, if you are able to capture a message or feeling, put it to some media type, show another person, and that person feels the same way you did when you first though of it, you just made a connection. It can be inspiring, emotional, mind-blowing, eye-opening, or even subtle. It only takes one small push.

Now that you know what our purpose is, we'd like to let you know what we do.

The Underground Arts is a company and group devoted to reaching out to artists and lending a helping hand. There is more talent out there that many people aren't aware of, and we aim on connecting those people with others to make bigger things happen. We are looking for all types of artists to become apart of TUA so we can show the world what they have to offer. This in no way means that we take any credit for making or coming up with any art that is not physically made by our Content Controllers or Media Chiefs themselves. We are a way for you, as the artists, to network with other artists (and hopefully bigger companies one day) to ensure that we all have a hand in sharing our art. Along with publicizing our content and the content of those who join us, we would like to see a collaboration that interweaves within our site itself. Writers can post scripts and share them with the rest of the site, who then see potential and draw up some storyboards and send it to the filmmakers who then work with the rest of TUA to make it into an audible and visual film with an original story.

We say this a lot, but only because it's true: we are always looking for new members of The Underground Arts and all you need to do is show you're interested by sending us an email. Check the Contact Us page to find where to send an email.